By Mark Kenyon

If you tuned in to our Wired To Hunt Podcasts this last summer/fall, you’ve likely heard the story of Don Higgins’ unbelievable 2017 season. In August he joined us for episode #164 of the podcast to discuss his upcoming quest to kill two different 200″ caliber bucks, and amazingly he did just that in October.

The first of those bucks he killed was a 206″ deer he called Smokey, and the footage of that hunt has finally hit the web. This deer is an absolutely impressive creature and it’s awesome to finally put an image to the story that captivated us this fall. You can view that video below.

If you’d like to hear more about the hunt for Smokey be sure to listen to Episode #176 of the podcast, and tune in to Episode #178 to hear about the other buck he killed this year that nearly made 200″ as well.