Today on the show we are joined by Bronson Strickland and Carter Neimeyer to discuss the impacts of and dynamics between wolves, coyotes, prey populations and hunters.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Why we’re talking about coyotes and wolves

– A very quick natural history of the dynamics between coyotes, wolves and human hunters

– What kind of research has been done on coyote and deer impacts and how those studies are conducted

– What the real impact of coyotes are on deer and how it differs from situation to situation

– Why fawn recruitment matters and how predators impact it

– How to tell whether or not you have a “predator challenge” where you deer hunt

– Can predators play a positive role for an ecosystem and deer hunters?

– What deer do to minimize predation

– How habitat impacts coyote predation on deer

– What levers can we pull to influence coyote impacts on a deer herd

– How effective is predator management on a property and what are the alternatives

– What birth synchrony is

– The ethics of hunters and predator dynamics

– Who Carter Neimeyer is and how he got involved with predators

– What “wildlife services” does

– How Carter got pulled into the wolf reintroduction effort

– How to determine if a dead animal was actually killed by a wolf or not

– How wolves have impacted humans and other wildlife around them

– How animosity towards the federal government became intertwined with predators

– Do hunters needs to worry about wolf impacts?

– How can we hunters live with predators

– Carter Neimeyer’s experiences killing predators

– How hunters can practice better PR when it comes to our PR

-And much, much more!

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