Today on the show we’re chatting with Lee Ellis and Drew Carroll of Seek One Productions about the unbelievable deer hunting success they’re having bowhunting the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

-Why Dan still hasn’t deer hunted in 2018…

– Dan’s plan for hunting a world class Iowa buck

– How my first two hunts of the year went

– The plan for Holyfield moving forward

– Who Lee and Drew are and how Seek One Productions was started

– What makes the suburbs of Atlanta so great for deer and how/why there might be similar situations around other cities

– What to look for when choosing a suburban property to try accessing

– Advice for asking for hunting permission in the suburbs

– How many different small properties you might want to have access to in the burbs if you’r trying to target mature bucks

– Scouting for mature deer in the suburbs

– Using trail cameras on small properties

– Why you want to keep a low profile when hunting in the suburbs and how to do that

– Recovering and tracking deer in neighborhood situations

– Actual hunting tactics to use during the season when hunting suburbs

– How to utilize and install “mini plots” in backyards and other suburban areas

– How entry and exit differ in suburban situations

-And much, much more!

Show notes, resources, links:

– To learn more about Whitetail Properties, click this link