Today on the show I am joined by Ryan Furrer of the Quality Deer Management Association to take an advanced look at how wind, thermals, and air currents impact deer and deer hunting.

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Subjects Discussed

  • Who Ryan Furrer is
  • What he learned studying under Gene and Barry Wensel
  • What Ryan’s “aha” moment was as a deer hunter
  • The difference between wind, thermals and air currents in the context of hunting
  • Understanding when a stand is unhuntable because of wind
  • When thermals matter most and when they matter the least
  • Do certain wind speeds lead to more deer movement?
  • How water sources might impact thermals or air currents
  • Do scents and sprays and other scent related products work?
  • How mature bucks typically use the wind
  • How to set up a stand so deer think they have the wind in their favor, but you do too
  • Access/exit to hunting locations
  • How the QDMA is helping introduce new adults and youths to deer hunting
  • How to get involved with hunter education programs and mentorship programs