Today on the show I am joined by my buddy and DIY whitetail expert Andy May to break down our recent Nebraska deer hunt and the full story of how I arrowed my 13 point buck.

Subjects Discussed

  • How we prepared for the trip while still at home – our assumptions, our map scouting and plan
  • What the scenario turned out to be when we arrived
  • How we went about scouting once we showed up at the property
  • What we focused on for our night one hunt and how we moved in to set-up
  • The story of my first stalk
  • And how I ended up arrowing a 13 point buck
  • Thoughts on my continued challenge with “target panic”
  • Recovering my buck
  • Andy’s first encounter with a potential shooter buck
  • The decisions that led to my success
  • Andy’s biggest mistake of the trip
  • How Andy documents and analyzes his prior hunts
  • Our big take-aways from this hunt