Today on the show I’m joined by Kip Adams of the Quality Deer Management Association to discuss the state of whitetails across the country in 2019 and a review of the QDMA’s 2019 whitetail report.

Subjects Discussed

  • What kind of shed hunting plans Dan and I have coming up
  • Could Dan hunt in Michigan with me, and I with him in Iowa?
  • The story of Kip’s 2018 North Dakota buck
  • What the “Whitetail Report” is
  • The top headlines from the past year in the whitetail world
  • Recent trends in buck and doe harvest across the country
  • What the latest fawn recruitment numbers mean
  • Why reduced CRP acreage and maturing forests have led to habitat issues for deer
  • The latest on CWD myths, research, and management options
  • Thoughts on the future