Today on the show I’m joined by Scott Manifold, of Drury Outdoors, to discuss the story of his Michigan hunting property, how habitat management and hunting differs between his farms in Michigan and Iowa, and detailed ideas for improving food plots, hunting access, and more.

Subjects Discussed

  • Touring Scott’s Michigan farm
  • The story of how Scott bought his first 57 acre hunting property
  • What makes managing land/deer in Michigan different than somewhere like Iowa or Missouri
  • How Scott made decisions about the first improvements to make on his farm
  • How quickly he started seeing positive results
  • Converting old fields into deer habitat
  • How Scott acquired a neighboring block of timber and how it changed how he managed and hunted this area
  • Strategic access ideas for planning food plots and habitat improvements
  • How Scott uses “treecoys” for better shot opportunities
  • Making property projects fun by moving slow