Today on the show I’m joined by Dr. Grant Woods to discuss a fascinating and more ecologically friendly methodology for planting food plots that mimics the relationship between buffalo and the great plains to create higher quality forage for wildlife and healthier soil.

Subjects Discussed

  • Why my wife challenged me to find a more eco-friendly way to plant food plots
  • How Dr. Grant Woods was inspired by buffalo to implement a new method for food plotting
  • What regenerative agriculture is and how it can improve soil quality, water quality and production yield
  • Why tilling/disking soil can seriously degrade the health of soil and plant-life
  • How to plant food plots without a need for aggressive tilling
  • What to do if you don’t have a no-till drill
  • How to terminate a crop OR control weed-growth without using herbicide
  • How plants act as nutrient transfer agents
  • The value of cover crops and diversity in your food plot system
  • How to choose the right combination of forages to plant in the summer and then in the fall, to create natural fertilizer
  • The importance of thatch
  • Controlling erosion and improving drought resistance with the use of live roots
  • How to measure the success of a regenerative food plot system
  • Recommended resources