Today on the show I’m joined by Olympic gold medal winning skier David Wise to discuss how the habits, mental toughness, and training that helped him succeed as a professional skier also translates to hunting.

Subjects Discussed

  • What life circumstances led David to becoming a professional athlete AND hunter
  • Can you be elite in a certain field (like hunting) and still enjoying other passions too?
  • The power of morning and evening routines for high performance
  • How quality sleeping and eating can impact your hunting success
  • The most important habits for David as a skier and hunter
  • Why you should “train for the fringe”
  • How visualization can help you handle high pressure moments
  • The importance of “mental training” and mental toughness
  • How to prepare for obstacles and failure
  • What trait is most consistent across high performers
  • An Olympic grade goal-setting process
  • The Mr. David Wise YouTube channel