Today we’re chatting with author Brad Stulberg about his studies into the science of peak performance, the positive and negative powers of passion, and how all of this can make you a better hunter.

Subjects Discussed

  • What is the “growth equation” and how it can be applied to hunting?
  • How to apply stress to your hunting norms and how it can help you improve
  • The importance of “deliberate practice”
  • How decision fatigue can impact the decisions you make related to hunting and how to avoid it
  • How the people you surround yourself can influence your success
  • The importance of mindset and how to develop “grit”
  • How passion can be a powerful force for good and bad
  • How to tell if your passion for hunting has gone too far
  • What the science says about why passion is so addictive
  • How to foster harmonious positive passion
  • How to recover or pull-out of an obsessive passion
  • Should you try to achieve balance in your life? Or is an unbalanced life better?