Today on the show I’m joined by Dan Johnson and Spencer Neuharth to break down everything you can be doing this summer to help kill a buck this year – including treestand prep, summer scouting, trail cameras, creating access routes, and more.

Subjects Discussed

  • Spencer’s kid plans
  • Do we still prep tree stands in the summer or should you focus on mobile sets?
  • Key things to check in the summer on existing set-ups
  • How to prep a tree for future saddle hunts
  • How much or where should you be trimming lanes in the summer?
  • Strategies for trimming lanes in-season
  • How to prep access routes during the summer
  • Does summer glassing really matter?
  • How to improve the success of your summer observations
  • Summer trail cameras – where, how, when and why
  • How each of us would look if we were a buck