Today on the show I’m joined by Mark Drury of Drury Outdoors to get an absolute masterclass on everything he’s learned about handling the moments leading up to a shot on an animal, and everything to do afterwards to ensure a successful recovery.

Subjects Discussed

  • What to expect from Deercast Track and why tracking deer
  • What the younger version of Mark Drury was like when it came to the moment of truth
  • How Mark got better at handling his nerves before shooting a deer
  • The checklist Mark goes through before shooting an animal
  • How to know when to draw your bow
  • Understanding deer posture and body language before a shot
  • Recommendations on improving your shot process with a firearm
  • What to pay attention in the immediate seconds after a shot
  • What you can tell about your shot based off how a deer runs off
  • What to learn from the site of impact and arrow
  • How to decipher information from blood color and other sign along a trail
  • The proper amount of time to wait before tracking
  • The optimum number of people to take on a track job
  • Ideas for recovering a deer after you lose blood