This week on the show we’re covering everything you need to know to get into saddle hunting with John Eberhart, Andy May, Greg Godfrey, and Ernie Power.

Subjects Discussed

  • The history that John Eberhart, Andy May, Ernie Power, and Greg Godfrey have with saddle hunting
  • The minimum equipment you need to get out saddle hunting
  • The helpful accessories to consider
  • The best ways to get up and down a tree quickly and quietly
  • Greg Godfrey’s efficient process for ascending a tree and setting up his saddle
  • Pro-tips for prepping saddle trees in the off-season
  • How comfortable are saddles and advice for customizing them for your body
  • Different positions to use in tree to extend your sits
  • Can saddles work for big people?
  • How to make perfect shots from a tree saddle
  • Advice for practicing from a saddle
  • How to pick the right trees for saddle hunting
  • Caution on moving in tree
  • Best advice for new saddle hunters