This week on the podcast I’m joined by whitetail expert Adam Hays to dive into his tactics for consistently locating the best buck in the neighborhood and zeroing in on where to kill him.

Topics discussed:

  • Post-season scouting – why, where and how
  • Importance of locating buck core areas in off-season
  • Locating top bucks during the summer – glassing and trail cameras
  • What to do if you locate a buck on a property you don’t already have permission
  • How to tackle new property acquired just before the season
  • Trail camera tactics in-season to help locate the top buck
  • Using observation stands to find and zero in on big bucks
  • What types of sign are worth hunting over right away
  • How/when to scout on the ground in-season
  • The importance of properly timing your hunts and a few thoughts on weather/moon/wind
  • Calling to locate bucks?