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Can You Make Venison Sausage Without Fat?

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By Spencer Neuharth With the 2016 season behind us, it’s time to knock out some offseason chores. Since I began hunting a decade ago, a staple of my Februarys has always been making deer sausage with my family. It’s an...

One Venison Jerky Recipe To Rule Them All

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You can’t beat venison jerky. I mean, what’s not to like about a piece of 100% wild, organic, red meat that you can carry around in your pocket all day and then still eat hours later? That’s pretty...

“The Other Trophy” via Outdoor Life

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We spend a lot of time on Wired To Hunt talking about the latest “tips and tricks” for killing big, mature bucks. And with this focus, quite often, on killing big old deer, it’s sometimes easy to...

My “Venison Fiesta Burger” Recipe

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Earlier this year, I posted pictures on the Wired To Hunt Instagram and Facebook page, showing a very delicious and exotic looking burger (if I do say so myself). I had dubbed it the “Venison Fiesta Burger”...

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