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On December 16th, 2013, my three year hunt for a wise old Michigan buck came to a close with the grace of God and a straight shot from my muzzleloader. This multi-year  journey became much more than a hunt though. This deer and this hunt found its way into the very fabric of my life. “Moments With Six Shooter” is my eulogy to this incredible whitetail, my tale of the emotional roller coaster I rode while hunting him, and the life-changing moments in between. The book is available to read on your computer, phone, or tablet in Kindle Format by clicking the “Buy From Amazon” button.

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Praise For “Moments With Six Shooter”:

“Our hunting stories are typically dictated by singular moments of victory or defeat.  But if you dive deeper, as Mark Kenyon has done in “Moments with Six Shooter”, you’ll find that the essence of the hunt is in the journey.  Our modern hunting culture is dominated by antler and ego, but Mark doesn’t let that tone tell this story; instead, Mark tells of the paradox, small moments, and meaningful details that make the story of a buck named Six Shooter worth remembering and retelling.” – Mark Huelsing, Founder –

“The world of deer hunting media is filled with unrealistic portrayals of what the average American deer hunter faces every day. Six Shooter was a real buck taken by a real hunter. And that’s precisely what makes “Moments With Six Shooter” so special.” – Tony Hansen, Editor –

“Kenyon holds nothing back! Honest and vulnerable, you can’t help feeling like you’re in the story with him.” – Aaron Farley, Founder –

Official Amazon Book Description:

“Hunting stories have been told for tens of thousands of years, in hundreds of different languages, and in locations as diverse as a fire-lit cave in Africa to the tailgate of a pickup truck, basked in headlight glow. These most ancient and primal of tales often follow a similar script; a walk into the woods, a long wait, and then a shot.

Ultimately though, anyone that has stepped off the grid and into the great unknown of the wild knows that there is much more that goes into a hunt. There are moments of fear, of thrill, of shock and of joy. There are mistakes and victories, lessons learned and memories made for a lifetime. And many times, the story of the hunt isn’t relegated just to the woods. Often times, the hunt comes along with us back home and home comes along with us back into the hunt. Hunting stories are much more than adventures in the woods. They are stories of life, and adventures in the hearts and souls of those longing for a deeper connection with our earth, our ancestors, and in the end, ourselves.

In “Moments With Six Shooter”, Mark Kenyon, founder of, regales a deer hunting story that goes well beyond the walk, the woods and the shot. Over the course of three years, Kenyon hunted one specific whitetail deer known as “Six Shooter, in Michigan, and over that time he came to know this deer and himself in ways he never imagined possible. This triumphant, yet vulnerable tale of struggle, growth and reverence for the wild strikes a tone that will be sure to resonate with hunters and nature lovers alike.

A first encounter and the wonder of beauty found in an individual whitetail deer, the internal wrestling found within a hunter when confronting the reality of love for the same animals he hunts, the despair felt after missed opportunities, and the emotional challenges of balancing a love of the hunt with the responsibilities of a family and home life. All of these themes and more are touched on in this story of a hunting life.

In “Moments With Six Shooter”, Kenyon clearly illustrates that there is much more to a hunting story than the simple act of heading into the wild and killing wild game. After the first step out the door but before the inevitable shot, there are moments in between. There are moments that make the story what it was and that molded the hunter who told it. There is sure to be a story within the story, of hardship and of growth, of thrill, despair and maybe sorrow. The real story, the one not often told, lies in those moments in between, those brief flickers of reality, which sometimes can take hold for an eternity.

This is the story of Kenyon’s three year hunt for a once in a lifetime buck, and those moments in between.”


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