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Rules Of The Rut

The Rut. For a whitetail hunter, it’s the equivalent of the Super Bowl, Christmas, and your birthday party all mixed together in one glorious camo wrapped package. It’s what we dream of all year. A time of unequaled excitement and opportunity. But are you taking advantage of everything it has to offer?

Are you doing everything you possibly can to make the most of the whitetail rut? 

At Wired To Hunt it’s our mission to make sure you do and we’ve put together our newest eBook “Rules of the Rut” to help you in that quest.

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“Rules of the Rut ” is a brand new eBook focused 100% on rut related insights for the avid whitetail hunter. Included are over 40 pages of non-stop rut fueled whitetail tips, tricks and strategies to make sure you tag your buck this year. This compilation of rut inspired articles covers all facets of the whitetail rut and hunting styles, and can be applicable to both private and public land hunters across all regions that whitetails inhabit.

Examples of Topics Covered Include:

– The Pillars of Rut Hunting Success

– Hunting The Rut On Public/Pressured Ground

– Mental Strength During The Rut

– The Importance of Morning Sits During The Rut

– Staying Mobile During The Rut

– and much more!

This isn’t any run of the mill rut talk either, the articles and stories within “Rules of the Rut” come from the minds of some of the top whitetail experts in the country. These hunters have decades of experience chasing whitetails and more giant bucks on the wall than you can shake a set of rattling antlers at.

Contributors Include: Andy May, Chase Burns, Chris Eberhart, Craig Dougherty, Dan Infalt, Don Higgins, Jeff Sturgis, and Todd Pringnitz

“Rules of the Rut” is a downloadable eBook that can be conveniently read on your computer, phone or tablet. Just click the link to buy “Rules of the Rut”, enter your payment information, and you’ll immediately be sent a link to download your book. You’ll have it in time to read next time you’re in the treestand!

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Still not sure if “Rules of the Rut” is for you? To get a better idea of what’s covered in our eBook, check out the table of contents below!

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Thank you so much for picking up a copy of “Rules of the Rut”. I hope the lessons you learn will help you on your way to your best whitetail rut yet!

– Mark Kenyon, CEO/Founder,