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My name is Mark Kenyon and I’m the founder of Wired To Hunt. Below, I’ve outlined everything you need to know to get started here, so read on, enjoy and thanks for stopping by! – Mark

Getting Started

Wired To Hunt is the next generation destination for America’s most passionate deer hunters and conservationists. Founded in 2009 by the nationally-published outdoor writer Mark Kenyon, Wired To Hunt has focused on sharing deer hunting news, stories and strategies on a daily basis to quench the year round thirst of the true whitetail addict. On Wired To Hunt you’ll find industry-leading whitetail related content in the form of the written word, videos and our top-rated podcast. We’d recommend you do four things to get the most out of your time with Wired To Hunt…

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Finally, head over to our “Best Of” section, where we’ve collected some of our best articles from over the years for your easy access. You’ll find stories and strategies regarding everything from rut hunting to food plots, to venison recipes and everything in between.

More About Mark Kenyon

Mark Kenyon is the founder and full-time managing editor of Wired To Hunt and the host of the industry-leading Wired To Hunt Podcast. Heralded as “The New Media Star” by Outdoor Life Magazine and featured on their April 2015 cover, Mark Kenyon was also named the 2014 Quality Deer Management Association Communicator of the Year, and has been published in Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, North American Whitetail Magazine, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, Quality Whitetails and Whitetail News. He is also a Quality Deer Management Association certified Deer Steward.

What The Experts Are Saying

Wired To Hunt’s Mark Kenyon is one of modern deer hunting’s brightest young stars. He’s passionate about whitetail hunting, an articulate writer and blogger, well-connected in the hunting industry, and works as hard as anyone I know. But there’s something even more important about Mark. He’s just a great person; an expert who doesn’t view himself as one, and an unfailingly honest writer about what it’s like to be a deer hunter today. He’s willing to share his failures as well as his successes, and can admit that there are things about deer, and deer hunting, that are mysterious and confusing. Mark is the kind of guy that would be fun to share a camp with, and I hope I’m honored to do that one day. – Scott Bestul, Field & Stream Whitetail Field Editor

Mark Kenyon (of Wired To Hunt) is not only a skilled deer hunter, he is the voice of today’s next generation of deer hunters. We need more advocates like him in our ranks. – Daniel E. Schmidt, Content Director and Editor-in-Chief Deer & Deer Hunting

Some of my best hunts were due to a good source of M.R.I. (Most Recent Information). That’s exactly what I get from Wired to Hunt! The author, Mark Kenyon, is constantly searching for MRI about deer hunting and habitat management and compiles it in one easy place for guys like me to find. Check out and get some free MRI! – Dr. Grant Woods, GrowingDeer.TV

Wired To Hunt is one of the most comprehensive, current, and compelling blogs for hardcore deer hunters that I’ve found. It has become my personal one-stop- shop to quickly survey what’s going on in the world of outdoor deer hunting news, entertainment, and other media. Truly THE online home for the next generation of whitetail management freaks! – Matt Ross, QDMA Certification Programs Manager