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Announcing the Rules of the Rut 2.0 eBooks and Podcasts

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You dream all year of the rut, so when it finally arrives, we know that you want to make it count. That's why we created the Rules of the Rut 2.0. This is the most comprehensive resource, to our knowledge, ever created that is devoted 100% to hunting the whitetail rut. Included in this package are two information packed eBooks and a 3-part podcast series with nearly three hours of expert interviews. The contributors to these books and podcasts are some of the most accomplished whitetail hunters in the country and you'll likely recognize their names from Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, North American Whitetail, Deer & Deer Hunting and a number of acclaimed books.

The Pillars of Rut Hunting Success

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If  you go to Google and search for “whitetail rut” , you will find a million different definitions, hunting strategies, tips, tricks, tactics and stories. I dare say there is more written about the rut than any...

My Three Favorite Rut Hunting Strategies

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By Cody Altizer Each and every deer hunter is usually different from the next in nearly every facet of the sport.  Some prefer hunting with only archery equipment.  Further, some only prefer hunting with traditional archery equipment.  Some like the...

Rut Hunting Tips: Hunting the Lockdown

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While rutting/chasing activity may be pretty hot still in some areas, in others you may begin to see a decline in visible action and thats because we’re entering the lockdown phase. The dreaded period of the rut when bucks actually...

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